10 Signs It’s Time For Some Student Travel

Student travel broadens your horizons and provides a new outlook on the world, but how do you know it’s time to set sail for far-off seas? Here are 10 signs it’s time for some student travel.

1. You’ve Never Been Anywhere, Ever

If you’re entering college or graduating with a four-year degree and you’ve never been anywhere, it might be time to pack your bags. Whether you’re planning to study abroad or you’re doing a summer in Europe before starting a new job, this is your chance to see something new.

2. You Want to Practice a Language

Traveling in another country is a great way to put your language learning to the test. Spending time among native speakers can help you become even more proficient.

3. A Hankering for Castles

So, you never got your Hogwarts letter. There’s still time for student travel that includes touring and even sleeping in castles all over the world.

4. A Desire to Learn About Other Cultures

It’s easy to just listen to what the media and internet want you to know about the rest of the world. But first-person accounts are the best way to learn about other cultures — and that experience can be valuable later in your career.

5. You Need an Adventure Before You Enter the Real World

Before you commit to a 9-to-5 and start building your 401k, get in some adventure. Hang glide in Nepal, bike up the French mountains or hike your way to history in Machu Pichu.

6. A Growing Appreciation for the Natural World

Speaking of biking, hiking and flying: travel is one of the best ways to see the natural world. If you have a growing appreciation for the mysteries of nature in your heart, book travel to some of the strangest or prettiest places on Earth.

7. You Want to Study Aboard

Study is a great reason for student travel. Whether you just need a change of scenery to hedge senior burnout or you’re looking to get down with art history where the history actually happened, studying abroad comes with a wealth of opportunity.

8. Years of Reading Have Built Unquenchable Wanderlust

Maybe you’ve already done your studying, and all the reading through the years has created a desire to travel the world. Student travel lets you quench that wanderlust so you can decide on your next move.

9. Everyone Else Is Going

This isn’t the bridge everyone else is jumping off of; you shouldn’t travel just because everyone else is. But student travel is a great way to ensure you don’t miss out on the experiences other people your age are having.

10. You Need a Skill That Can’t Be Learned Where You Are

Finally, sometimes you have to travel if you want to meet career or life goals. If a skill isn’t being taught where you are, find out where you can learn it and make plans to travel there.