14 Reasons Iceland is Amazing

#3 Magnificent nature

There are many reasons why you should visit Iceland, but its Icelandic nature should be a reason enough. It has a diverse landscape and wonders which are natural. Regardless of when you decide to visit Iceland, be assured that you cannot miss the magical experience. Northern lights are spotted during the winter season and midnight sun which brings a colorful paradise is seen during the summer. Many rare landscapes which are untouched are found in Iceland, therefore, unique photos can be taken in the beautiful vicinity of Iceland.

#4 Equality

Everybody in Iceland is equally treated. The Global Gender Gap Report states that Iceland leads in gender equality for seven years in a row. Iceland is known to be the most feminist place in the whole world. It has the first gay prime minister elected to head the government. It also has the first female president who served from 1980-1996. She was the longest-serving elected head of state. Same-sex marriage is allowed in Iceland and they are equally allowed to access adoption and IVF. Iceland being a progressive country, it welcomes people all over the world despite their differences and diversity. This enhances growth within the country and safe home for everyone without judging them based on their sexual orientations.

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