14 Reasons Iceland is Amazing

Iceland is a Nordic Island country in the North Atlantic with a population of about 348,580. It is situated on the Northern part of Atlantic Ocean, near the Arctic circle. It is known for its astonishing landscape which is dramatic with Volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, and lava fields. The large population lives in Reykjavik, its Capital. It is a home to the museums that trace the history of Iceland’s Viking. Visiting Iceland does not matter whether you are solo or in groups. It is the perfect spot for vacation because of its raw nature that lives you with an unforgettable experience. There are various reasons why Iceland is amazing.

#1 Safe and Peaceful Country

Iceland is known to be the most peaceful country in the world. It does not need army, air force or navy to maintain peace or keep Iceland safe. This is an indication that the country is safe. The police officers do not need to be armed. It is therefore easy to access the President’s and other dignitaries’ houses because there are no tight securities. The safety and peaceful environment that Iceland provides makes it a better place to go on vacation with the people you love. You have the least time worrying about the safety of your family and friend once you are in Iceland.

#2 Active Volcanoes

Iceland has both active and inactive Volcanoes. However, it is known of its various active volcanoes in the country. Most of them have not yet erupted for a long time. The country is basically between or on top of tectonic plates. It has a volcanic system that runs through the island. The records state that the last volcanic eruption which was a threat in Iceland occurred between August 2014 to March 2015. Nonetheless, no life has been lost due to direct contact with the volcano. The active volcanoes have a striking view though and the vicinity is memorable.