14 Things to NOT to do in Singapore to Ensure a Memorable Stay

Situated in southern Malaysia, Singapore is the perfect destination to visit on vacation. The island city-state offers limitless adventures and memorable experiences. Singapore is also famed for its strict laws ranging from drugs to chewing gum. You can enjoy the country’s vast amusements when you follow its regulations.


Couple things to do in Singapore if you find yourself there. If you are a foodie, you will satisfy your appetite with the sumptuous food in the country. You can visit Michelin-starred restaurants to enjoy Japanese meals or get the French dishes at Beni. While touring the streets, you can sample the local dishes at the Chinatown Complex Food Center. Further, the nightlife of Singapore is vibrant for drinking purists. You can spend your evening at rock n’ roll places like Crazy Elephant. Besides the spectacular theaters and galleries, Singapore boasts of amazing art located on sidewalks and street corners.

1. Avoid Talking with Taxi Drivers about the Political Welfare of Singapore

Singaporeans avoid discussing any political issue with their cab drivers. These drivers are struggling with the invasion of companies such as Grab and Uber. Some drivers were coerced to retire earlier despite their high professional qualifications. Additionally, the cab companies charge them a high fee for their using their cabs daily.

Many taxi drivers hold a lot of anger towards the government because they are overworked and underpaid. Moreover, some of the drivers’ outbursts may involve foreigners like you. Therefore, you should avoid bringing up any political discussion to prevent any form of violence.

2. Avoid Chewing Gum

The chewing gum ban is real in Singapore unless it is nicotine gum, which is for medicinal purpose. You can also chew gum when you have a doctor’s prescription. The country prohibits gum to save money used to scrub pavements and benches.

Additionally, you should avoid discussing about how the ban reflects the country’s totalitarian state. The chewing gum ban prohibits importing gum and purchasing chewing gum. Singaporean authorities will fine you a whopping $500 if you are caught with a chewing or dropping a gum.