Find A Travel Deal In 18 Easy Steps

Traveling does not has to be expensive. Here’s how to experience the joys of travels without breaking the bank.

1. Be Open About Your Schedule. You will be able to secure the best flights if you are open to changing the departure and return dates. Some days are usually associated with better fares for individual airlines.

2. Taking Advantage of “Dead zones.” USA Today describes “dead zones ” as periods through the year where there isn’t much traveling. Airfares will reflect this by lowering their prices to try to encourage travelers to book flights. These periods are the very beginning of December and the last three weeks of January. Keep in mind that tropical places might consider these periods as peak seasons. But if you are traveling to more temperate areas, consider visiting during these dead zones.

3. Don’t Book Flights on the Weekends. It’s much too convenient and carriers and hotels know this. You can save up to 20% if you choose to fly Thursday and return on a Thursday.

4. Use Destination Search Engines. Being open-minded about your departing and return flight can help you save money – but being open about your destination can help you save even more money with the help of destination search engines. Use SkyScanner and instead of using dedicated days, enter potential dates.

5. Take Advantage of Featured Deals.

6. Going off the beaten path can open you up to new experiences, as well as allow you to travel on the cheap.

7. Here are some underrated travel destinations: Bolivia, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Honduras, and Albania. These are places that do not get enough travel but are known to have affordable airfare and accommodations.

8. Take Advantage of Fare Alerts. Set up several alerts to help you be in the know whenever there is a deal when it comes to traveling or securing an affordable room. You can use alerts like Google Alerts.

9. Be Smart About Your Alerts. You can set up alerts for the exact date of your travels, or you can open them up for potential dates. It’s much better to open up the alerts for possible dates, so there is a higher chance of you saving money.

10. Book Your Flight on Tuesday. Sites like Expedia continuously reveals that the best time to fly is on Tuesday. Book your flight on a Tuesday at least three weeks in advance of your travel date.

11. Timing Periods Matter. For domestic flights, book your ticket between one and four months.

12. Leverage Social Media When Looking for Deals. Follow your favorite airlines and hotels – there are times where they might release a deal that may not be public on its website, giving you the opportunity to secure a bargain before everyone grabs at it.

13. Being Loyal To A Hotel Can Save You Money. Certain hotel chains provide loyalty points if you book a room through them frequently.

14. Humble Down With Hostels. Hostels may not be as accommodating as a full-fledged hotel package. However, you will be able to save big since the administrative costs of running a large hotel chain isn’t passed on to you. Depending on the country, it is very typical to pay mere dollars for a bed in a hostel.

15. Vacation Rentals, Luxury on a Dime. Vacation rentals have increased in popularity, allowing travelers to enjoy accommodations in exotic places. It’s also a viable form of accommodations that would enable you to live like the locals.

16. Couch Surfing. For those who are particularly frugal and adventurous, you can take advantage of Couchsurfing sites. You’ll be able to secure accommodations on the cheap, sometimes even for free. You may also be able to stay for free in exchange for a service, like tending to a garden every day or washing dishes.

17. Don’t Put Out. As a traveler, it pays to be a tease. If you add airfare or hotel accommodations into your electronic cart and then leave the browser, then there is a good chance that the website will email you back and try to encourage you to finish your transaction by giving you some sort of discount.

18. Be Weary of Pre-Packaged deals. Sometimes prices are increased during these prepackaged deals. It may be more affordable to create your own arrangement from scratch.