These 6 Cheap Travel Sites Will Make You Appreciate Your Money

Everyone loves finding a good deal. And when it comes to travel, those good deals can be mandatory to take the trip you want. Here’s some help to make the most of every penny when you travel. Take a look at these top six cheap travel sites that help you squeeze a dollar and travel the world.

1. Google Flights

When you’re comparing flights and looking for the best deal, you need all that data right on your screen, laid out in a way that makes sense. Google Flights lets you juggle flight duration, number of stops and that all-important factor, price, to choose the right flight. Use the bar-graph tools, map and calendar to find the best date and destination.


Pricey hotel? Airbnb? It’s not an either-or choice. Instead, check out, which finds you tiny inns and B&Bs that meet your specific criteria (Pet-friendly? Yup, they’ll do that. How about a romantic fireplace? Sure.). Even better, the site sends you hot offers and promo codes to sweeten the deal.


So you want to vacation in the lap of luxury, but you don’t want to pay luxury prices? Sounds about right. How does 50 percent off sound? offers “flash sales” with deep discounts, available until they sell out (usually within a week). If you’re flexible about where you travel, check this one out.

4. The Flight Deal

This site gives you more than just a list of prices. It tells you what the regular fares are, lets you know about any restrictions (with baggage, for instance) and warns you if there aren’t many seats available. Basically, you get some context to understand when you’re seeing a deal you can’t pass up. Even better, you can sign up for the site’s newsletter to get a heads-up about each day’s opportunities.


How often have you waited for fares to drop, only to see them spike and ruin your travel budget? Kayak’s Price Predictor predicts when fares are likely to go up and down, so you can make wise financial decisions. You can even enter the amount you have to spend to find out just where you can afford to fly, narrowing it down based on the type of vacation you prefer.


You don’t have to be a college student to stay at hostels, which are now available for people of any age. This can be a great ultra-cheap choice if you’re traveling on your own and don’t demand a lot of amenities. But don’t assume you’re consigning yourself to bunk beds — many hostels offer accommodations that are closer to those of small hotels, and you can check reviews for each of the choices at the website.